Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Listening to: Phones ringing
Feeling: Bored

Another long day at the office with nothing much to do but to surf the internet at slow speed. It's gonna be 5.30 so I am pretty excited with the option of either going home or getting my already flat (plus fat) ass to Starfucks to finish the remaining bit of Narnia that Drama had so kindly loaned me.
Thinking of whether should I or should I not call Penguin (a friend of a friend that I kinda became friends with) for a drink. Maybe not. Rainy days are always not the best time to meet someone you've never met before... You know, wet hair and smeared mascaras doesn't always make the best first impression.

So tomorrow's the big day. I need to sit for a test. A written test to see if I could make it to the other magazine. A bit scared because of everything that had happened, all the demoralizing and shits like that, I feel small, insignificant and useless. Which is bad. Sighs... Hope that things will work out fine. Other than that... it's just another boring rainy day.


* Dream Weaver * said...

You are a wonderful person and never let anyone pull you down in life with their shitty remarks and the like.
You are not insignificant. You mean to much to so many people.
When you go for your thingy tomorrow, chin UP and boobs OUT!!!
Show them what you can do and give it your best. :)
Whatever the outcome, never look back with regret... only forwards with hope.
~ Thoughts and Prayers for you ~

Pinkity said...

Thankies Joe...
*sniffs* Thank you so much.. Later when I go for the thingy, I'll do chin up but maybe not so much of boobs OUT. It's obscene.

xoxoxo.. Love you loads

Penguin said...

First impression does matters but sometimes to find a friend it takes more than one impression :). Congrat in getting ur job... be happy and it will all work out just great. After all, God make no mistake.