Sunday, October 16, 2005

Going to the other side

Listening to: Random songs at Starfucks Uptown
Feeling: Slightly amused

*(Names have been changed to protect privacy)

It was just another rainy Saturday evening and I was out with *MetrosexualMan having dinner when he said this:

"If I would find a guy who would love me, and I have feelings for him, I might just consider."

OK, there was no drop jaw reaction from me, I had always wondered since high school. But somewhere through college he had managed to convince me that he is not. I had been defending him from everyone who asked. It just amuses me to hear him say that.

Not that I will treat me him any different if he declare that he has gone over to the dark side. I will still love him. But I'll just wonder what do guys have that we girls do not?

Aights... makes me as a girl feel bad for our species. What say you?

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