Friday, October 14, 2005

The Art of Driving home Jam free during the Fasting Month

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After work today, me and Seems went for a drink at, where else but Starfucks, (oh comeon Starbucks!! Gimme an endorsement deal already!!!) to avoid the 'people-rushing-home-to-break-fast-jam'. So we were sitting there, watching the cars jam by. Inch by inch they move and I was wondering if they know The Art of Avoiding Jams on the Fasting Month. Take it from me, I took 8 minutes to get home from Seksyen 13 to Bandar Utama (normally would take me about 15 minutes to 20 minutes) so take these smart tips from moi :p

1. Are you familiar with your area? Avoid those places with them food bazaars like a plague. That will prolly shave 15 mins or so off your driving time.

2. Leave the starting point before 4pm or after 7pm. Before 4pm meaning before the muslims start leaving the office for home (or the mentioned food bazaars) and after 7pm, when the muslims are back home waiting to makan whatever they had bought at the food bazaars/waiting at the stalls to break fast.

3. Drive full speed at about 130kmph. Enjoy it while you can. How often can you cruise at that speed down the streets of KL at 7pm? (Confessions of a Closet Blog Addict does not condone illegal activities such as breaking the speed limit)

4. Avoid food courts or halal eateries at from 6.30pm onwards. There is bound to be a crowd. Think of it this way, let the muslim eat first, you had your lunch maaaa (this is assuming you're not a muslim ok?)!! Plus, it's rude to rub elbows with hungry people.

So there. My guide to frazzle-free driving through the Rahmadan month!

Selamat Berpuasa!!

Post Script: Muslim readers please do not feel offended in any other way. These are just my thoughts on the fasting month! Thank you...

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