Saturday, October 08, 2005


Listening to: Fish Leong - Rainbow
Feeling: Sleepy and it is raining now

First, let me introduce you to Nicholas. He had been my closest buddy (he used to sit next to me) all through the trying years of high school and had been listening to me rant and rave throughout those hormone raged years

And so he reads my blog, and had been commenting that I am getting too depressed for my own good. So one fine day last week, he had decided that it was enough.

We had a long talk over dinner and he was kind enough to pay for dinner AND listen to me bitch about everything. *hearts*

Guess some things never change.

Thank you Nic. You're forever my next door/seat savior!

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niC Lo said...

No probs, Miss Lum. It was a pleasure. I just read your October 7th entry. And the thing that bugged me was the fact that I met you later that night - not knowing that you cried for him earlier in the evening.

Just remember what you said to me, okay? A month, Miss Lum.

A month.

You now have about 27 days left to feel bad about yourself and be angry and depressed about your life and the whole damn freaking world.

27 days.

Better mope all you can, Miss Lum.