Sunday, October 09, 2005

Queen G's Big Day

Listening to: The Killers - All the things that I had done
Feeling: Like I need more than one coffee

Hail Queen G, for it is her birthday today. But sadly, she had to work today so no celebrations today. We were supposed to head towards PD for a night of boozing and sex. (JOKING!) Instead Gem planned a dinner for her yesterday.

We went to Fondue House in Hartamas and ordered everything that was on the menu. My god, it was an orgasmic experience. Took a ton of pictures but it is in Kst's camera. (Can't find the memory card for mine) Will load it up once Kst loads them into Multiply. Made loads of noise, as usual and proceeded to Friendster for beer and fun.

Image hosted by

Pwoarrrrrr.. We had 6 jugs of beer between 9 of us.

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Gem and HamHam going strong

The results were disastrous.

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Gem surrendering to the alcohol

Image hosted by
Me surrendering to the alcohol as well

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Sissy died from alcohol OD

Well, because of Sissy, me and G decided to...

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Draw a mole on him

Image hosted by
Sexually molest him

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All together now

But then we had to stop because he woke up.

But when the clock struck 12, we got the staff at Friendster to bring the cake out and we made hellloadofnoise, as usual, singing the birthday song for G...

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Kisses for the birthday girl

Image hosted by
Squished into an oblong shaped picture

It was a mega tiring day but all in all fun. Nearly went to Genting, I really wanted to but HamHam, KatKat, G and Gem had to work the next day. Maybe another time!

Happy Birthday again G!!!!

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