Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Dream Guy *Version2.0*

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Aights, since I am feeling much better today *Cheers to that* and slightly bored waiting for Jay, I've decided to write this. An updated version of My Dream Guy.

Please bear with me guys, every girl has the rights to keep her list right? I mean, if I'm a guy I wouldn't be bothered because it would read something like this:

1. Firm Boobs
2. Big Tits
3. Firm Boobs
4. Big Tits
5. Firm Boobs
6. Big Tits

You get my flow...

Well, girls are different. Girls are sensitive and we care about everything. Down to the way the guy chews his food. Things like that... So here's my two cents to the perfect guy

The Purr-fect Guy

1. He who minds his P's and Q's
So sue me. I hate guys who rude. Especially those who think that they have money to spend and would refuse to say thank you and please to waiters, waitresses, sales person and people like that. I mean, even if they are serving you they are still human right? I've seen guys scolding waitresses/waiters because their food arrived late. Sometimes, just a simple 'Excuse me but my food is late' would be sufficient. Unless the other party is rude too, I think rudeness is unnecessary and manners are supposed to be kept.

2. He who eats with his mouth closed
I've seen guys who chew with their mouth open, hence 'see food' and that is like a major turn off.

Imagine this, cute guy in a restaurant. He's soooo cute and you think he kinda look like Orlando Bloom and best of all, he's alone. So you change place with your friend who is sitting in front of that table facing him so you can see him better and you try to make eye contact. He orders... hmm... chicken rice and iced coffee. You sigh dreamily. His drinks and food arrives and he starts eating. You imagine having a candlelit chicken rice dinner with him and suddenly you noticed that took a sip of that iced coffee while he is chewing his chicken rice. Oh well, you thought, you can live with that. Then he starts chewing again, this time with his mouth open. You can see the whole mass of rice and chicken and coffee going down his throat. You change place again with your friend and you console yourself by thinking that he is most probably gay anyway.
*and you know that is a lie because gay men are so much more better mannered* EKKKKK, nightmare

3. He who is intelligent and humble

I hate people who are shallow and can't take criticism for anything in the world. I cannot imagine spending time with someone who wonders all the time about what people would think about him. Like WHAT..EVERRR~ Or those who rates girls according to the size of their boobs. I mean, we girls would not rate guys by the size of their penises. Like so why guys do that?

Oh, and those who hang their degree on their neck. Those who spill philosophies of life based on the amount of years they have been alive. Sighs.. Get a grip. Being older doesn't mean that you're wiser than me! And so if you're really smart, do be humble.

4. He who is a romantic

Notice that the word 'Romantic' has the word 'man' in it. Yes, it is so. If you're romantic, you're a man. *tee hee* So bring out the flowers and champagne, the dancing under the moonlight and cozy cuddles.

Can only think of 4 at the moment. More to come.. Brains working slow and coffee would be good.


sixwoods said...

Refering to your version 2.0...I feel like this song:
I tried to be perfect but nothing was worth it
I don't believe it makes me real
I thought it would be easy but no one believes me
After all the things that I've said

--Pieces Sum41

If that were the case. I shall close up and shut out people keeping all thoughts to meself and stop talking. That should make some people happy.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking is good :)

My list for a dream lady... is long... and it is not firm boobs and shapely body. DUH!