Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What comes around, goes around

Listening to: Sandy Lam - Zhi Shao Hai You Ni
Feeling: YAY!

It was just another 'lalala' day when I was checking my Tarot of the day. This card came up...

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"The Judgment: A swift and conclusive decision. The resolution of a matter long unanswered. A change in point of view, most frequently towards greater enlightenment. Final balancing of karma"

And I thought, well, that's a pretty strong card to get on a boring day like this and brushed it aside.

An hour or so later, the GM called me into his room and broke the news to me that I am hired for the other mag. My god, I was of course elated but then after a while I freaked out a bit when I remembered the Tarot.

"The resolution of a matter long unanswered", "Swift and conclusive decision" and "Final balancing of karma"

"The resolution of a matter long unanswered"
Hell yeah it has been long... I had been waiting for a job change since June!

"Swift and conclusive decision"
I was in GM's room for about 3 minutes?

"Final balancing of karma"
Would really love to see that happening to Hitler. Hell yeah!!!!!! His time has come...

That was really scary... I mean, what are the chances?

Well, guess if I really go jobless in the future, I can consider opening up a stall and start charging people for Tarot readings!!


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* Dream Weaver * said...

We have much to celebrate about this month :) *hoorah*