Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Anticipation sucks

Listening to: Random music from colleague's computer
Feeling: Frustration and sleepiness and restlessness, all in the same time. Is that possible?

So I was anticipating The Call from The Editor on Friday. I had a neck creak from turning too much, looking at my screen and then looking at my phone. I hate waiting for calls when it comes to things like these. Deep in your heart, you know something is wrong. I felt that on Friday, and maybe because of that I was afraid to call The Editor.

So I thought to myself that I should wait till Monday. Partly because I didn't want to hear bad news that day and spoil my weekend and partly because I was afraid (in a way) to call her. And so I finally gathered enough courage to press 'Call' (after fingers on that button for about ten minutes).

Like how I thought it would be, she said that they only need someone later next month. So after a few hours of neck exercise I am disappointed once again. I hate the feeling of waiting, wether it is me waiting for other people or people waiting for me. Oh well... Another wait for nothing.

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