Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I spy with my little eyes...

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Was out in KL for the whole of today returning and collecting. Saw some interesting things that I would like to share. Just a quick one before I start on my work for real.

Daniel Fan Girls and Fan Aunties

On the way to Starhill Gallery (Nice place! Really posh and all) walked past Planet Hollywood and saw a gaggle of girls all donned in all shades of pink. First thought, DANIEL FAN GIRLS. Second thought, and FAN AUNTIES. Yes. There were like 8-10 aunties there all in pink with camera in hand. Apparently, Daniel (The new Malaysian Idol, for those who are clueless) has launched his first ever album. Sorry Arihito, I know he is your cousin and all but I really think I could sing better. I think I look better too but then, ah well, girls would spend more to SMS votes. My sis and G's sis are big fans of him. Crazy... Just because he is cute? (really?) Anywayz, pink fan girls and fan aunties scare me. They were giggling so loudly. And I actually thought those aunties were the giggling girl's mommies. But NOOOO, they'll prolly kill each other to take a picture with him. Oh well... Think me and Arihito should start a small business in selling his pictures.

Bumper Taxis

It was a slow crawl up the road in front of Westin KL, I had my windows down cause I was having a well deserved smoke. Suddenly heard this loud bang. I looked to my right just in time to see this two taxis moving away from each other. And drove on. I was like 'What?' Like playing bumper cars only. Does this happen everyday in the cab industry? O.o

If you were to walk down Bintang Walk, there will be like a beggar sitting every fifty steps? They are usually shirtless, sitting on the floor, looking down. Sometimes I feel damn sorry for them but someone told me that they are usually part of a syndicate that send them in vans to beg. After knowing that, I will never drop money into that bowl. Why should I encourage that to happen? It's an eyesore and they have legs to walk with and hands to work with. Why not just work? Why join the beggar's club? Just a thought

So after a long day in KL, I finally made it back to PJ. I was on auto-cruise on the way back. I think I fell asleep at least twice during the drive home. I know it's so bloody dangerous!!! Got home and proceeded to catch some sleep. Collecting is bloody tiring. I swear, I think gym would be obsolete should everyone be a fashion writer

Pissing in the open
Why do guys leave the toilet door open while pissing in public? This was observed during our usual yamcha session at an unusual place. I had the unfortunate spot that look right to the toilet area which is actually enclosed but the angle where I am sitting I could actually see. It took about an hour till I noticed.

Me: *gigglegigglegiggle* *gasp* OMFG, LOOK THERE! MAN PISSING WITH DOOR OPEN

Them: Where what where when?

Me: *looks between fingers* There!!! OMG, I see his... hands, like, you know.. shaking something... OMG. I'm so scarred!!

Them: *gasp* OMFG

Yes... and it was not just one but TWO fully grown men*eh, don't think sideways!!!* pissing for the world to see. The door is there for a reason right? Yes, it is there to shield your dignity and my eyes from being burnt. Close the fucking door dude. If you wanna show off your 6 foot long anaconda, go film your own home video la!

AHHH~ It's 2.30am. Back to work. Looks like no sleep for me tonight...

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