Sunday, November 20, 2005

While I was waiting for G to get her lazy ass to Starfucks

Listening to: Piped music in the local Starfucks
Feeling: Crap. It's Monday tomorrow

So here I am again in Starfucks, sipping on an iced latte (venti of course) and trying to blog, reply an email to my aunt and thinking about work. Talk about multi-tasking. My head hurts from the amount of thinking. Have... to.... upgrade.... RAM and space.....

Still waiting for G to arrive, my partner in crime when it comes to working, coffee and nicotine inhaling on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Still no signs of her. Looks like she's still home taking her own sweet time to get her ass out. Sighs... Just me now. I am itching to get to the ashtray but I do not trust leaving my baby alone. So I am ashing on the floor like a bad citizen.

Dang it, G is taking a year to get here.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound. I looked up in time to see a large sized man pulling out the metal chair from the table in front of me roughly and hitting the chairs in my table in the process. It happens sometimes, due to the tight space here in Starfucks. So I continued doing my work. Much to my annoyance and surprise, the annoying scraping metal sound continued. He is still pushing the chair around. WTF. It is true what they say. Most Malaysians do not have manners. God, sometimes I wish I can smack these people in the head.

He could have just pushed his table a bit more to the front and he will have no problems getting in. Noooo, he has to push his chair back. Crap.

G is here. I shall stop ranting...

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