Thursday, November 17, 2005

Keep 1.12.2005 free to shave your pits

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I think men are weird creatures. Behold, the truth revealed!

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Shave those pits boys. It's the International Pit Shaving Day

WTF? First Annual International Armpit Hair Shaving Day?

Honestly, I remember there was a time when facial hair and pit hair is sort of like a guy thing. Guys I've seen without hair there are body builders. (The King had once explained it was because the lack of hair makes them appear bigger when they apply oil on their body. Just thought that sharing is caring)

Heck, my dad encouraged my brothers to apply brandy on their sideburns so it'll grow longer. (Though I suspect most of the brandy went into their stomachs. Their sideburns grew a paltry 1 cm. My dad's sideburns were legendary. Back in high school, he was known as Elvis. Now I remembered why I kept myself out of trouble. To avoid him coming to school)

I've no problems with guys with pit hair and I've often wondered if those with extra long ones will use shampoo to clean them, you know, like hair. I am a sick girl I know. But guys who wear in cut sleeveless tops with pit hair sticking out are just sooo gross. They should be put in jail and spend their time braiding other inmate's pit hair. And the other could return the favor to the offender. EKKKKKKkk

From a girl's POV, pit hair is fine, just trim them. And deodorize. And shampoo them. And maybe, just maybe... braid them up.

Whatever it is, read more about the 1st Annual International Armpit Hair Shaving Day ----> here.

Err...P/S: Pit hair is OK, nostril hair... PLEASE TRIM IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

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