Friday, November 25, 2005

The good and the bad

Listening to: Fish Leong - Ting Bu Dao
Feeling: Stressed abit la!

The best thing that happened this week was when:

1. I found out Naruto is being published by Comic House! Though it's in BM, it will satisfy my sick comic collecting habits. I need another shelf again.

2. Nini sms-ed me to inform me that Starfucks opened a branch near my house. I could actually walk there. Beside Centrepoint. Hurray for monopoly!!!!!

3. Sunday is payday!!!!

Not the best though not the worst that happened this week was when:

1. I realized that my deadlines are all today

2. And I am still blogging here

3. And I have to blow a few hundreds buying a dress for this event that the mag is organizing. Sob... (but on the upside, I can use the dress for Cin's wedding dinner as well!)

Back to work for real now!!!


JoeC said...

me thinks your deadline is gonna end up next week at the rate ya gooing, kekekeke.


btw, there are several bloggers who are big naruto followers. I juz finish watching naruto the moviz.

Pinkity said...

Me thinks that deadline will be today no matter what. Crap. I am not a big fan of the Naruto anime therefore didn't buy the movie. The manga kicks ass ok~ Woot!!!

How old are you BTW? People keep asking me that when I tell them I am still watching anime and reading manga. Sadness man

AND, are you like stalking this blog? Every 5 mins got new comment wa

JoeC said...

yesyes, me big black stalker, so, run quickquick! hehehehe. Nolar, fridee boring la, waiting for bell to ringring lei.

Me old eenuf to drive car and vote, anime and manga is never too old to watch. Ppl thinks it is cartoon, so thinks onli for kidz.

WRONG, both of this genre is THE staple diet of japanese entertainment for all ages. Some ppl are soo blur.

Viva anime! Cheers!

Pinkity said...

Scary. Well, it's damn sad that I'm gonna be working late tonight, also working on Sunday and knowing that this would not end so soon. Sob* Makes me feel like wanna be like Magic Knight Rayearth! =_=;

JoeC said...

okiee, dun be sad, do work first then can enjoy your weekend mah, right?

so, i better stop kommenting b4 you call polisi on me... kekekeke

take care ya. cheers!

Jasu said...

heh figured ud be delighted to find out that a starfucks just outside ur home. :P spotted it a week back.

oh thought ud like a hug or two. :P
i watch anime n read manga too. wats age gotta do with that? huh? huh? xD
(i have to do it...its part of my life and job...)

i wanna leave a longer comment but im not online from home. D: gotta go.

its very good to see you're getting busy at work. it was rather terrible when to see u with nothing to do back then. now everything is A-okay! i hope. :|

babai. a hug or two turned out to be a hundred. erk. hope that motivates the hell outta ya.

Pinkity said...

ERK! A hundred hugs! OMFG, I so happy. Hehehe Now I is so motivated to write. moremoremoremoreomore.. about a thousand and one mindless things that don't mean anything.

Checked out the Starfucks near my house, it's not too nice. Still prefer the one in Uptown. And I'm there now! :p