Friday, November 18, 2005

Plastic problems

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It was kinda cliched because me, G, Hamham and Katkat were on this subject before the whole "Zhng my face" Dawn Yang drama started.

More on our talk on going plastic at a later post. This is what I think about Dawn Yang and her affair*ohhhhh* with her plastic surgeon.


Dawn is hot.

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This is Dawn. She's got Angelina's eyes!
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Dawn is so hot I thought she looked like Angelina Jolie.

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I heart Angie

And Ange is like my goddess ok. It's rare I would say something like that about a girl.

And apparently, "Dawn's" like the hottest blogger in Singapore, beating the likes of the much photoshopped "Xiaxue" (well, at least she admitted it herself). So it was once said, "with great fame comes great responsibilities" (or something like that) and how true.

Right after winning some VJ thingy, (I thinks)people started to look her up the net. After all, she's hot! (have to mention that again) So when people start looking up for you online, you know your skeletons will be aired... guess what they found?

Image hosted by
Before Zhng-ing her face

Imagine my shock. I don't know her in the first place and that is why I thought she's half ghuai low or something. Butbutbutbutbut... I mean, she's not to say ugly, but she was not a looker also loe... She looks pretty China also. But after her face job, she looks bloody good wei... Whatever she did, she sure did it right. Maybe her eyes a bit too big la. Make her look like manga heroin only. But she looks good. Err... Well, but then again, I had never been a supporter of plastic surgery.

Fine if other people wants to do it, but I think I look good as now. What God had given me I am satisfied with. Why la wanna stress? Like poor Dawn, she's like under fire for having a fake face. So what? She's got the cash. Just don't understand sometimes why people like to fire other people just because other people can but they themselves cannot.

Some thoughts on Plastic Surgery
I will not consider Plastic Surgery

Hamham wants to do rhinoplasty to correct her so called vacuum-cleaner nose

Rose wants to reshape her face

What about you? Given that money is not a problem, would you want to correct it artificially? Lipo, plastic whatever... Do gimme your comments. I would like to know what you guys would think...

Delusional rantings
Angie Jolie is hot.

I'm half delusional from the lack of sleep.

Zhng my brains.

P/S: Both picture of Dawn is taken from
P/S/S: Sorry for stealing the word Zhng from Just think that word is horribly funny


niC Lo said...


I want bigger eyes too! Double eye-lids! Rhinoplasty, hell yeah! And most importantly, I wanna be taller!!! Like, 5'11!!!!

Breaking ur leg bones to make you taller....does that consider as plastic surgery???

Penguin said...

Plastic sugery is so common these days... nip and tuck here and there. Then again, all these are first impression only, if she or he is shitty inside... not much of nip and tuck can help on that.

I prefer the old fashion way... God's way unless, He/She needs some help. :)

juan1252 said...

how cna u compare dawn with angelina?? no wayyyyy

LadyGem said...

Liposuction is what I will go for... Muahahahha...