Friday, November 25, 2005

What a day!

Listening to: Tony Bennett: Chestnuts roasting over open fire
Feeling: Ready to sleep

Before going to my Gokusen anime, I would like to bitch about my day. *You can stop reading now if you wish not to burn your eyes*

Woke up late today, rushed over to KL Convention Centre for the KL-Asia Fashion Week only to be greeted by confusing parking space and road signs. Got in an hour and a half late. Went around looking for Hall 5, and because of the building's curving shape, it was kinda hard to find. Found it in the end and walked over to the registration counter only to encounter...

Me: Excuse me, is the registration closed? *I am after all 1.5 hours late*

Girl at the other side of counter: Uh... The venue has been changed to Avenue K. Has anyone told you about it?

Me: *Well, obviously no, if not I won't be here right?* What? Changed to Avenue K? Why is there no news about this? I can't believe I got lost to get here only to find out that the venue has changed.

GATOSOC: Uh... So would you like to head over to Avenue K? You can still make it..

Me: .... *sweatdrops at the thought of walking over to the other side of the world. Through the KLCC park, then KLCC itself, clear to the other end and cross the underground bridge to Avenue K* Uh... What is event now?

GATOSOC: Fashion show.

Me: *Does quick calculation. Fashion show is almost towards the end of the event* Well, I think not. By the time I get there it will be the end,

And I huffed off.

I couldn't believe that the event organizer didn't inform us of the venue change. And I couldn't believe those girls didn't even attempt to apologize. Maybe I am just turning into a hussy fussy bitch. Walked around KLCC (the Convention Centre. I also think it is silly to name KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) and KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre), KLCC. I feel like I need to explain every time I told someone about this incident.) looking for the Aquaria, our very own Aquarium within the building.

The Convention Centre is a beautiful place really... it is spacious and clean. Everything looks shiny and sparkly clean. Well, I have to stress that it is a very new building as well. Hope they'll maintain it. Finally found the Aquaria. Hoped to see some fishies outside actually but I was bitterly disappointed when all that greeted me was the sign for the entrance fee. It would cost foreigners a cool RM38 for entrance. Well, they didn't exactly specify that foreigners pay more but for myKad holders, we get a RM10 discount. Oh, lets not make extorting tourist so blatant. Smart, very smart.

Anyway, saw the price and thought I shall wait for the rest of the world to experience the Aquaria. And why, what a surprise! There is a Starfucks RIGHT in front of the Aquaria. Since I'm already here, might as well la. Had a latte while updating my manual PDA. hehe. Yes, my notebook la! Updated my to-do list and off I went. Don't want to pay more than I need to for parking right?

Had lunch with Jay. He told me about him going to Tokyo next year. *eyes blazing* I WANNA GO! And he is going in April. Sakura season! Damnit. Then he kinda asked/hinted for me to go too! Hahaha.. so fucking egoistical. Can just ask me right? Idiot. Have to say things like 'If that person is determined enough, they will be able to go wan! Just save la. Always give excuses like have to pay car loans and credit card bills!' Woot.. But I really wanna go! And, wah *shyness* just me and him? OMFG... *SHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!*

Of course shy la. Feel like a fucking schoolgirl!

Off to watch Gokusen!!!

P/S: A shoutout to Cin, KatKat and HamHam who got so bored they started reading my blog. Hope you didn't get eye burn!!!

P/S/S: Cin, thanks for the yau jar guai. Forgot to take a picture of it and now it's in my stomach. Maybe when it comes out I'll take a picture la!

P/S/S/S: Feel free to comment. I love comments!!!



JoeC said...

V6::I feel your breeze.


Pinkity said...

Wakakaka what breeze?

JoeC said...

oie, the sound track lei, you know the opening theme lei, youknowyouknow?

for Gokusen....


Pinkity said...


ICIC, I don't like the OP song. I like the ending song tho. Damn... Stayed up much too late watching that show. Have another 2 more eps till ending!!!

I so want to download the ending song, do u know the title?

JoeC said...

No More Cry by D-51?

V6 ok mah, very the semanagt liao, when i listen to teh song, i wanna stand up and sing with one leg up my desk with a heroic pose...kekeke.



JoeC said...

V6..... D51, how come all sound like car engine and durians wan?

Japanese *sign* total crash....


Pinkity said...

Durian or no durian, they're pretty good. Better than The Pillows right? Thanks for the info.

AND!!! MUWHAHHAHA I can't imagine u standing on the desk with that whole smangat look (stars shining in your eyes) while the waves crash behind you. Too anime-ish man... hahahahah

JoeC said...

waqhhh, can imigine what i'm talk abt hor, you are a true anime fan...

i'm soo happieeee!


Pinkity said...

Wah, we all like having a nice little chat on this comments page or something.

I'm like this big anime fan ok. I am a noob =_=; I live for 2d animation and manga. wakakaka